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There is a 2nd vending machine at each of our sites alongside our moo milk ones. not only can you find yourself one of our 1l designer moo bottles and re-usable bamboo cups, but you can also feast on a variety of locally made & delicious fodder!

this machine is known as a 







More savoury inclined..? You can trough on anything from sandwiches, wraps and pastas to scotch eggs, sausage rolls and pork pies..! Yum!

Have a sweet tooth..? Choose from donuts, brownies, cookie slices, rocky roads, cornflake stacks, millionaire slices, sweets, tiffins, hand-made fudge, energy balls and seasonal extras!

We have also teamed up with local heroes - the beefy boys - to offer a bespoke DIY box for 2 of their world famous burgers and a double portion of mac'n'cheese balls.

us moos love supporting local foodie businesses and are currently showcasing more than 10 of them! so remember that if you visit one of our moo milk stations you are not only supporting us but lots of small local businesses too!

if you think you have something different to add to our machines then get in touch and lets have a moo!

*please note the our malvern & bodenham sites are limited to fodder of the sweeter kind*

Tuckshop Logo - All Birds.png
Tuckshop : Whole Moo World Vending Machine.jpg

It’s a whole moo world when us moos are in charge!

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