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  • Where can I get your milk from?

  • Do you accept cash?

    • No. All Payments on the machines are contactless. its just easier and cleaner!

  • Did i get charged when the machine didn't vend my milk?

    • No. The machines are designed to automatically refund you if the vend doesn't complete. This can happen if the card reader loses the mobile phone reception for even a split second and is an unfortunate trade off of technology... it isn't as reliable as us moos! If you believe that you have been wrongly, charged then get in touch via our socials or via our email and we will get one of our humans to sort it!

  • I didn't get my item from the tuckshop machine, can I have a refund?

    • We will always refund any failed vend. Just get in touch via our socials or our contact page and we can get to the bottom of it. please note that the machines do usually notice when there has been a mis-vend and  should automatically reverse the charge. This may take a short while to show up on your banking app.

  • Do you do semi-skinned milk?

    • Nope! Us Moos make milk. You humans invented that semi skinned imposter stuff. we vow to keep things as nature intended and that keeps our milk full of the good proteins and fats that your human bodies need to function! Being gently pasteurised also means our milk has not been messed around with, and can be easier for those to digest who might struggle with processed milk.

  • How long does your milk last?

    • We recommend using "The Sniff Test". Only chuck away if its smells rotten - believe us you would know. As a guide our milk should last you at least 3 days after you have bottled it at a machine.

  • How fresh is your milk?

    • Our humans come to the machines every day to deliver the freshest milk possible. If you see them filling up feel free to chat as they all love chatting... though not for too long as they work for us moos after all!

  • Do I need to clean my bottles once i've used them?

    • Yes! Pop them in the dishwasher or give them a good scrub in the sink. We want to remove any bugs before using them again. Not cleaning your bottles properly and then re-using them can lead to milk not lasting as long or being tainted in flavour.

  • Is Big Mumma really in charge? 

    • I certainly Am! If my humans need us girls to do anything then they have to ask my permission first! Where Big Mumma leads, the herd will follow!

  • Can we change the Milkshake Flavours?

    • Head over to our Socials and have your say there!  I'll make sure my humans change them often but its up to you guys to decide!

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