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Big Mumma For Prime Minister?

BREAKING NEWS! We have a new candidate taking on Rishi Sunak and Lizz Truss in the race to be Britain’s next Prime Minister – Big Mumma!    

Pledges include:


·     No Taxes  

·     Free All Day Food Buffets  

·     In House Moo-Salons  

·     Being able to do WHAT you want, WHEN you want, IF you want!  

·     Nose tickles for ALL  

·     Creating a feeling of togetherness and a place where you belong    


If Big Mumma sounds like the kind of leader you humans need then show her some love and lets get her elected!

share it with everyone and lets create a WHOLE MOO WORLD and get those politicians listening!    


Starring the happy moos of Whole Moo World


Directed by Mooonister Superfast   

Camera Operated by Mooonister Flopsy   

Edited by Mooonister Spaceman

   Written by Mooonister Googley Eyes   

Costumes by Mooonister Ferrari   

Catered by Mooonister Tubby   

Produced by the Big Mumma & Lieutenant productions TM   

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